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This site is for those professionals who are in the procurement or vending of railcars, locomotives, new and used rail parts & equipment** or for the scrapping of old equipment.

Regardless if you are trying to acquire a Box Car, sell a Flat bottom Gon or lease a Locomotive, Paquette Railway Solutions should be your first stop.

Here at PRS we strive to excel at providing a service to you; our mission is to be the first and only stop you need.  To help you, we have several tools to help you stay informed and in contact with us.

For starters there is this website, where you can search our entire list of available Rolling Stock & Power items, or for a specific item.  Click "Search"; above to get started.  You can also download our entire list in either Microsoft Excel® format or Adobe PDF® format by clicking the link under "Download Links" to the right.  Furthermore, if you don't have time to go to the internet and visit this site, you can download and install our desktop icon which will open up our updated equipment availability list anytime you click it.

We also now are on Skype®, which is a great new tool to call or video conference for free.


Railroad Tracks

Paquette Railway Solutions was born from the idea that no matter the size of the company, each deserves to be dealt with respect and integrity. PRS is committed to excellent service, and prides itself on the ability to ensure each customer is treated as our number one priority.

PRS has over 25 years in the railroad industry working for companies such as Illinois Central Gulf, Pacific Fruit Express, Quality Railway Service & Supply, and now as owner of PRS. It is this experience that has developed our vast knowledge pool, which is key in finding solutions to your needs.

Regardless if you need to buy, sell or lease we have the ability and the resources to keep you "on track".



Please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

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