Details for Reference Number B-07.05.16-00

Box Car
AAR Type:
Sale Type:
Lease Only
Quantity Avail:
Year(s) Built:
Load Capacity:
50ft 6in
Expanding Info:
Lease only
The cars will be shopped prior to delivery (for end of lease inspections/repairsThis specification covers a 286,000 Ib GRL high cube steel Box Car, 50ft 6in inside length, AAR Class XM The car is of welded construction with exterior posts J plug type 11
doors, rivetted / welded roof nailable steel floorJ and end-of-car cushioning Clearances are governed by AAR Clearance Diagram Plate lIFin The car is designed and constructed based on a Gross Rail Load of 286,000 Ibs in accordance with AAR Standard 5-259-94 The car is in accordance with the requirements of the following bodies
Association of American Railroads, including AAR Specification M-1001Gross Rail Load 286000 lbs
Plate f
12’ Plug Door on each side
Light Weight (Est) 72400Ibs
Load Limit (Est) 213600 Ibs
Capacity 6269 cuft
Length Over Pulling Faces 57ft 9-1/211
Length between Truck Centers 4012 8-1/211
Length Inside 50ft6H
Width Extreme 10ft 8u
Width Inside 9ft6in
Height Extreme 17ft 0in
Height Inside 131 0-13/16in
Height Rail to Top of Floor 3ft 7-13/1611
Height Rail to Centerline Coupler 2ft 10~1/2tr
Clear Door Opening Width 12ft-on
Height 12ft 4in
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