Details for Reference Number GFR-07.10.17-00

Flat Bottom Gondola
AAR Type:
Sale Type:
Sale Only
Quantity Avail:
Year(s) Built:
Load Capacity:
53ft 1in
Expanding Info:
AAR Car Type Code J301 Sale only
Gondola Car - GT
Mechanical Designation GT
Outside Length 053 ft 01 in
Outside Extreme Height 12 ft 05 in
Inside Length 46 ft 05 in
Outside Extreme Width 10 ft 08 in
Inside Height 08 ft 11 in Height of Extreme
Width 12 ft 05 in Inside
Width 09 ft 07 in Upper Eaves
Height 12 ft 05 in
Plate Clearance B
Star Stencil Compartments Trans Code
Lining S Floor T
Draft Gear 99 Articulated
Cubic Ft Capacity 4000 cu ft
Max Weight on Rail 263000 lbs.
Nominal Capacity 204000 lbs.
Tare Weight 058600 lbs.
Load Limit 204400 lbs.
These Darby cars were completely refurbished 3 years ago and have not been in service since. They are fully interchangeable, AAR certified, and in great serviceable condition until 2029. All cars are uniform with one another. The inner bracing has been removed, and the vertical cross members were stiffened to compensate for it.
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