Details for Reference Number HC-06.01.17-01

Covered Hopper
AAR Type:
Sale Type:
Sale or Lease
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Year(s) Built:
Load Capacity:
286 cap
Expanding Info:
AAR Car Type Code C114
Sale or Lease
Covered Hopper Car built by Trenton works
Cars have been run though car shops and equipped with new gates and trough hatches
Cars have also been relined and newly painted exteriors cars are ready to go and cars
and are in NE connecting with the BN and UP
Roof Configuration Trough or continuous hatch in roof
Mechanical Designation LO
Outside Length 058 ft 00 in
Outside Extreme Height 15 ft 06 in
IOutside Extreme Width 10 ft 08 in
Height of Extreme Width 08 ft 11 in
Upper Eaves Height 15 ft 00 in
Upper Eaves Width 08 ft 00 in
Plate Clearance C
Star Stencil L
Compartments 3
Outlets 3
Lining U
Roof Type 1
Draft Gear 88
Cubic Ft Capacity 05250 cu ft
Max Weight on Rail 286000 lbs.
Tare Weight 062000 lbs.
Load Limit 224000 lbs.
Special Characteristics
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