Details for Reference Number L-02.24.17-03

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35 ton G.E.
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Sale Only
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35 ton General Electric locomotive s/n 32212 built 1955. Its original diesel has been replaced with an NTC 250 Cummins engine and it has Schedule 14EL train air brakes. It is 2 axle rigid frame construction and thus has no trucks. A GE 733 traction motor powers each axle. It is ballasted to 38 tons. Brought into stock at a locomotive shop reconditioned and painted. A 2axle (4wheel) locomotive provides more tractive effort than an 8wheel locomotive with trucks because the weight of the unit is concentrated on half as many contact points between rails and wheels. And the OAL of the GE 35 tonner is about 3 feet less than the GE 45 tonner. Dimensions of 35t GE: 25ft x 9ft 7in x 11ft.
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