Details for Reference Number L-08.11.17-00

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65 ton Center Cab
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Sale Only
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65 Ton Diesel Loco Center Cab
For sale only
General locations Illinois
All wheels were replaced in 2004 2006 drive motors were sent out and repaired.
One engine was replaced with a reconditioned motor in 2008.
In 2013 a new coupler was replaced on one end.
All electrical shoes were replaced within last 3 years. All components were serviced annually.
Will include some spare parts. A couple of the wheel flanges measured 38mm no flat spots good shape.
Horsepower 400
Engines Cummins Diesel 2
M G2 GT 558 HBIS 600
Aux G2 leece Neville
Traction Motors4 GHM 838
Gear Ratio81 16
Compressor 2 Wabco Type 4YC
Snow plow Equipped
Wheels 38mm
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