Details for Reference Number L-08.22.17-00

AAR Type:
80 ton PL-400-4S
Sale Type:
Sale Only
Quantity Avail:
37ft 10in
Expanding Info:
Sale Only Location Sekirk ny
Qualified 80ton Current hour meter 4900
STE starting tractive effort 40000lbs
CRTE continuous running tractive effort 27000 ls 5mph
Cummins 855 factory recon 3357kw 450hp
Generator GE 558 rated up to 350 kw
traction motors 4 each GE748 rated up 790 kw
Toshiba PLC master microprocessor
CLCX electro pneumatic 6 brakes
CLCX push button control stand with 6 throttle notches step functions
Cattron Radio remote control type At
Weight 160000 lbs normal
Dimensions 37ft long 10ft wide 13.5 ft height from top of rail
Windows Auto safety glass
Scope of work available
Add on items
13500btu hr Cab Air
Standard sonwplow
Front hose piping and safety shutoff valve from compressor
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