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For sale only In the Nashville Tenn area
Unit #4218, build date in 1979 and blue-carded and ready to go. It has brand new wheelsets and has been resurfaced and primed. It has GE floating bolster trucks that offer improved adhesion. Some background – this is a well-maintained unit that was used by the BNSF for trans-continental switching service up to 70 MPH. It has been stored serviceable. data sheet below
Engine Builder: General Electric Engine: 4 cycle Model FDL12
Bore & Stroke 9in X 10.5in
RPM Maximum Minimum 1050 450
Main Generator: GE GTA 11 Horsepower: 2300
Gear Ratio: 74:18 Speed: 70 mph
Trucks: FB 2 4 Wheel Configuration: B B
Traction Motor Blowers: Mechanical Driven 2 Model: ?
Weight: 253,000 lbs Traction Motors: GE 752AF Four
Tractive Effort starting 63,250 lbs @ 25 Percent Tractive Effort continuous : 61,000 lbs @ 10.7 mph
Multiple Unit Capability: Yes Dynamic Braking: Yes
Auxilary Generator: GY 27 Alternator: GY27
Air Brake: Westinghouse Model: 26NL
Air Compressor: Westinghouse Model: 3CDC
Quantity Built: 536 Dates: 9 1977 to 12 1984
Exterior Dimensions B23 7
Total Length 61 ft 02in
Wheel Diameter 40in
Truck Wheel Base 9 ft 04in
Height to Top Engine Hood 15 ft 04in
Height to Top Cab Hood 14 ft 07in
Cab Width 10 ft 02in
Hood Width 9 ft 11in
Top of Walkway 13 ft 06in
Width of Walkway 5 ft 00in
Center Bolster 36 ft 08in
Leading Edge Front Truck to Front Pilot 1 ft 09in
Trailing Edge Rear Truck to Rear Pilot 1 ft 09in
Leading Edge Front Truck to Trailing Edge Rear Truck 45 ft 08in
Minimum Turning Radious 23 degrees
Fuel Oil: 2150 gallons Lubricating Oil: 350 gallons
Engine Cooling Water: 300 gallons Sand Capacity: 60 cu. ft.
2900 Gallon Fuel Tank
Two other B23-7 units, #4219 and #4245 which are similar in configuration to the 4218 and both have electric hotstarts.
unit, #3177, approximate build date is 1978 and some body rust ALL UNITS ARE BLUE-CARDED and in service or stored serviceable.
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