Details for Reference Number T-06.17.15-00

Tank Car
AAR Type:
Sale Type:
Lease Only
Quantity Avail:
Year(s) Built:
Load Capacity:
48ft 9in
Expanding Info:
Sub Lease
Non coiled non insulated 60 are clean cars
Crude oil Tank cars,
Stabilizers S2 HD SCT
Draft Sill Design Type 23 Stub Sill Truck Springs D5 3-11/16in travel 286K GRL SCT
Tank Tangent to Tangent 48ft-9 1/4in Pedestal Roof Liners Transdyne Manway Cover 6 Bolt Hinged Steel Casting Protective Housing 3/4in Wall Housing w/ Flat Lid
Tank ID 119 3/8in Truck Side Bearing Const Contact Long Travel TCC-III-45-LT Miner
Length over Coupler Pulling Faces 59ft-4 1/2in Brake Beam AAR No. 24 Miner
Truck Centers 45ft-10in Brake Beam Wr Plt Metallic Miner
Tank Slope 0.1762 in/ft Brake Shoes AAR 2in Comp RRFP
Head Matftl and Thickness 7/16in A516 Gr 70 Brake Shoe Keys Forged
Shell Matftl and Thickness 7/16in TC128 Gr B Roller Bearing Retainer Keys None Outage Scale SS Visual Bar
Vacuum Rating 3.8 psig Gage Device None
Design Pressure/Test Pressure 100/165 psig Type of Brakes Body Mounted Conventional Valve Sample Line None
Clearance Diagram AAR inCin Brake Cylinder Size 10in x 12in Thermowell None
Capacity Shell Full Gallons 30145 Braking Ratio-Loaded Min 11% Max 14%
Light Weight lbs est. 67100 Braking Ratio-Empty Min 15% Max 32% Outlet Valve Outlet Fittings 4in CS Noz CS Cap & 2in CS Plug
Maximum Gross Rail Load lbs 263000 Braking Ratio-Handbrake Min 10% Outlet Saddle Trinity Combination Saddle-Sump
Load Limit @ GRL 195900 Empty/Load Device Side Frame Actuated Sump Integral With Saddle
Allowable Weight per Gallon @ 2% 6.63 lb/gal Slack Adjuster AAR automatic double acting
Outage 2% Gallons 603 Handbrake Group inNin Long Release Handle Bell Crank Manway Cover Buna-N Safety Relief/OftRing Teadit Blue TF-1570 / Viton-B
Effective Capacity Gallons @ 2% 29542 Hose Support Cable Strap 20406 IRECO Fittings Nozzle Teadit Blue TF-1570 Outlet Valve Teadit Blue TF-1570
Air / Discharge Teadit Blue/Teadit Blue TF-1570 Outlet Nozzle / Cap Teadit Blue TF-1570 / Buna-N
Couplers AAR SE60EE M&T Vacuum Relief Teadit Blue TF-1570/Viton-B T.well/Sample/Gage None
Curv. Horiz. Uncoupled 150ft-0in Yokes AAR SY40AE M&T
Curv. Horiz. Coupled To Base Car 250ft-0in Coupler Carrier Wear Plate AAR Manganese steel
Curv. Vert. Uncoupled 850ft-0in Draft Gear AAR M901E Miner TF-880
Curv. Vert. Coupled To Base Car 1650ft-0in
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