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From humble beginnings to an industry leader with satisfied clientele world wide, PRS has a proven track record since 2006.

Paquette Railway Solutions was born from the idea that no matter the size of the company, each deserves to be dealt with respect and integrity.  We are laser focused and committed to excellent service; we pride ourselves on the ability to ensure each customer is treated as our number one priority.

Our employees have over half a century in the railroad industry working for companies such as Illinois Central Gulf, Pacific Fruit Express and several others.  It is this experience that has developed our vast knowledge pool, which is key in finding solutions to your needs.

Information in this industry is paramount and we lead our competitors in bringing you this information so you can make an intelligent decision.  Our database is easily accessible via our website, desktop tool and free phone/tablet app.  No other company has their Rolling Stock as attainable as ours.  New and updated listings are accessible, on average within five minutes from the moment we receive information.

Regardless if you need to buy, sell or lease Rolling Stock or other rail equipment; Paquette Railway Solutions has the ability and the resources to keep you
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Rolling Stock

AAR Type
# in Group
Expounding Info
Reference Number:  B-08.24.22-00
Category:  Box Car
AAR Type:  A402
# in Group:  8
Expounding Info:  Equipment Type A402 Gross Rail Load220000 lb Tare Weight 62900...   click for more
Reference Number:  FC-06.03.22-00
Category:  Center Beam Flatcar
AAR Type:  FBC483
# in Group:  100
Expounding Info:  Car type F483 Detail Info: Flat Car, Load Limit: 200,000lb and...   click for more
Reference Number:  FC-11.11.22-00
Category:  Center Beam Flatcar
AAR Type:  F483
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  Mechanical Designation Flat-Bulkhead Center Beam Equipment Type F483 Built...   click for more
Reference Number:  FCO-05.10.22-00
Category:  COFC/TOFC
AAR Type:  Flush deck low level
# in Group:  6
Expounding Info:  Captive service only 89ft 4in flush deck low-level car partial free...   click for more
Reference Number:  FCO-06.14.22-00
Category:  COFC/TOFC
AAR Type:  F176
# in Group:  72
Expounding Info:  AAR F176 With one Free move Plate B Outside Length 94ft 8in Outside...   click for more
Reference Number:  FCO-06.22.22-00
Category:  COFC/TOFC
AAR Type:  P882
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  Mechanical Designation FC AAR Car Type Code P882 Built in 1980...   click for more
Reference Number:  FCO-11.11.22-00
Category:  COFC/TOFC
AAR Type:  F226
# in Group:  98
Expounding Info:  AAR car type F226 FMS: Specialty Ordinary flat car for general service....   click for more
Reference Number:  GFR-08.22.22-00
Category:  Flat Bottom Gondola
AAR Type:  Flatbottom gon
# in Group:  100
Expounding Info:  At the owner's request please contact us for more information.   click for more
Reference Number:  GM-08.24.22-00
Category:  Mill Gondola
AAR Type:  Mill gons
# in Group:  100
Expounding Info:  At the owner's request please contact us for more information.   click for more
Reference Number:  GT-09.20.22-00
Category:  Tub Gondola
AAR Type:  Alum Beth gons
# in Group:  129
Expounding Info:  Bethgon II Alum 4520cu inside Lengt 47ft 9 1/8in Over Strikers...   click for more
Reference Number:  HC-06.30.22-00
Category:  Covered Hopper
AAR Type:  Sand Hoppers
# in Group:  157
Expounding Info:  2011/2015 built, 3258/3281 CF, covered hoppers, 2-pocket, 286,000...   click for more
Reference Number:  HC-09.28.22-00
Category:  Covered Hopper
AAR Type:  C112
# in Group:  157
Expounding Info:  VOLUME :3258 cu. ft Sand Hopper NO. OF COMPARTMENTS: 2 HATCHES...   click for more
Reference Number:  HC-10.27.22-00
Category:  Covered Hopper
AAR Type:  Sand /Cement
# in Group:  50
Expounding Info:  Sand/Cemet hopper Inside length 37ft 1 9/16in Inside Width 10ft...   click for more
Reference Number:  HC-11.22.22-00
Category:  Covered Hopper
AAR Type:  C112
# in Group:  11
Expounding Info:  Hopper-Covered Cement Gates Equipment Type C112 Gross Rail Load...   click for more
Reference Number:  HCP-09.21.22-00
Category:  Covered Plastic Hopper
AAR Type:  C214
# in Group:  14
Expounding Info:  AAR C214 Formerly Ref# HC-06.14.22-00 Plastic Pellet gates Plate...   click for more
Reference Number:  HO-11.17.22-00
Category:  Open Hopper
AAR Type:  Opentop hopper
# in Group:  60
Expounding Info:  Equipment Type H351 Built Date 02/01/1981 Gross Rail Load 263000...   click for more
Reference Number:  HOA-08.09.22-00
Category:  Aggregate Hopper
AAR Type:  K344
# in Group:  63
Expounding Info:  2300CF 263000 GRL 1977 1980 built Gravity Gates Outside Length...   click for more
Reference Number:  HOR-06.30.22-00
Category:  Ore Hopper
AAR Type:  H350
# in Group:  93
Expounding Info:  Mechanical Designation HT AAR Car Type Code H350 Plate B Max Weight...   click for more
Reference Number:  L-03.08.17-00
Category:  Locomotive
AAR Type:  GP10
# in Group:  2
Expounding Info:  EMD GP10 unit Engine 567 C Horsepower 1850 M/GD 12B A/G 10KW T/Ms...   click for more
Reference Number:  L-03.22.22-00
Category:  Locomotive
AAR Type:  NW2
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  NW2 loco Main Gen- D4 Auxiliary Gen-10K I think Not sure on TMs Low...   click for more
Reference Number:  L-06.21.19-00
Category:  Locomotive
AAR Type:  45 ton
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  SW1200 Switching locomotive Sale only Engine:...   click for more
Reference Number:  L-08.18.21-00
Category:  Locomotive
AAR Type:  GP38-2
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  Body Configuration Low Nose Engine...   click for more
Reference Number:  L-08.31.22-00
Category:  Locomotive
AAR Type:  GE C40.8
# in Group:  2
Expounding Info:  2 GE C40.8 Canadian wide cabs Privately owned Came directly from...   click for more
Reference Number:  L-09.19.22-00
Category:  Locomotive
AAR Type:  GP38
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  Wheel report, inspect repair upon request Unit is in Texas   click for more
Reference Number:  L-11.27.17-00
Category:  Locomotive
AAR Type:  GP7U
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  GP7 Engine, 567BC Rebuilt in 2009...   click for more
Reference Number:  M-02.09.21-00
Category:  Misc
AAR Type:  5.5" Plates, Bars, Anchors
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  80000 plates, 2000 tons of rail, 112 RE/115 RE OH, CC, 39ft, 4 hole/...   click for more
Reference Number:  M-03.23.22-00
Category:  Misc
AAR Type:  GE B30-7A Simulator
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  The B30-7A simulator is a CDC compartment, attached is a cabinet built...   click for more
Reference Number:  M-03.26.21-00
Category:  Misc
AAR Type:  Scale test car
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  Scale test car 80050 scale test car as is, where is Bid price Built...   click for more
Reference Number:  M-10.21.19-00
Category:  Misc
AAR Type:  Relay rail
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  The Following Relay Rail and OTM are for sale RAIL 136RE 39ft...   click for more
Reference Number:  M-10.22.20-00
Category:  Misc
AAR Type:  Concrete Pylons
# in Group:  215
Expounding Info:  Here is info for the Prestressed Concrete Pylons I have available...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-01.21.21-00
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  T178 - Dot 117J
# in Group:  455
Expounding Info:  Description 2014-2015 Trinity DOT 117J Quantity 455 Category Rail...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-06.24.21-00
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  T108
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  Tank Equipment Type T108 Built Date 02/01/2008 Last contained Diesel...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-07.07.22-00
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  T109
# in Group:  78
Expounding Info:  Mechanical Tank Equipment Type T109 Gross Rail Load/Weigh 286000...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-07.22.22-00
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  DOT111S100W1
# in Group:  97
Expounding Info:  Equipment Type T209 2012 Built Gulf Region , West Texas 10 years...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-09.05.19-00
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  T389
# in Group:  15
Expounding Info:  Sale Only T - Tank Equipment Type Code T389 C - Plate Code C Outside...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-11.12.19-00
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  T107
# in Group:  7
Expounding Info:  Mechanical Designation T - Tank Sale or lease Equipment Type Code T107 Extended...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-11.30.22-00
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  T389
# in Group:  1
Expounding Info:  Mechanical Designation Tank Equipment Type T389 Built Date 01/01/1980 Tank...   click for more
Reference Number:  T-11.30.22-01
Category:  Tank Car
AAR Type:  T106
# in Group:  2
Expounding Info:  Mechanical Designation Tank Equipment Type T106 Built Date 07/01/1981 Gross...   click for more

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